Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Importance of Taking 3d 4d Ultrasound in Melbourne

Long years back, 2d ultrasound scan was the only tool used by gynecologist to detect the features of unborn baby. But now, several advancements have been brought about in the ultrasound technology which has given rise to 3d and 4d scanning. The 3d 4d ultrasound in Melbourne involves capturing baby images and video clips. This advanced scanning option gives you an opportunity of building a strong bond with your unborn baby.

There are so many ultrasound scan centers in Melbourne that have been using the latest equipments for 3d and 4d Pregnancy ultrasound Melbourne. In fact, you can get both earlier gender scan and 3D/4d ultrasound in Melbourne for a reasonable price. Apart from viewing the features of the baby, even the health of your baby will be analyzed with the help of this 4d/ 3d Pregnancy scan in Melbourne.

Why should you take 3d/4d ultrasound scan?

While there are so many benefits associated with 3d and 4d ultrasound, they are extensively used to determine the position of the baby inside the womb as well as to measure the amniotic fluid index. Even the growth and development of the fetus can also be assessed with the help of this 3d ultrasound. Gynecologists suggest ultrasound to locate the position of the placenta as well as to estimate the fetal weight and heart rate. In fact, 3d/4d ultrasound scan serves as the gender scan which helps in determining the sex of the unborn baby.

When to take 3d/4d pregnancy scan?

The 3d and 4d baby scan can be performed anytime after 17 weeks, but it is highly recommended to take this scan when you are between 26 and 34 weeks so that you can have the best quality pictures.

Duration and quality of 3d/4d scan:

There are several factors which affect the quality of the pictures you get from ultrasound in Melbourne. You must remember that the baby is still in the womb, so you cannot control its movement or position to have better images. The sonographer will be moving you around to try and obtain the picture of the baby in various angles. So, it might take 20 to 30 minutes for 4d and 3d baby scan.
Amazing Scan has a team of qualified sonographers who perform precise 3D, 4D and 5D Ultrasound Melbourne with the utmost precision.

No matter what your intention is to get 3d 4d scan, it is always better to approach an experienced professional for capturing the best images of your unborn baby.


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